Render Options

Located in the top right corner of Poly’s AI texture generation editor, Render Options gives creators control to adjust the 3D rendering of their AI generated textures. In one place, you can select different objects to view texture previews, control displacement map’s strength in the renderer, change the visibility of various PBR maps (Color, Normal, Height, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, and Metalness) and more.

Located in the top right corner, Render Options gives you control to adjust the 3D rendering of your texture.




Select different objects to view your texture previews:

  • Plane
  • Sphere (Seamless)
  • Cylinder (Seamless)
  • Torus Knot (Seamless)


Turn on or off Auto-rotate

Texture properties


Tiling sliding bar controls how many times you want the texture to be tiled in the current rendering view for better examining seams and the quality of the texture.


The height sliding bar controls the displacement map’s strength in the renderer. You can modify the scale of the current displacement / height of the texture surface.

📌 The height slider does not actually modify your PBR maps in any way. It simply tells the 3D renderer how to render the given maps.

Map Visibility

Helps you toggle on and off for each of the PBR maps in order to view them individually in a rendering.


Helps you select at which level of resolution you want to view the current texture in the rendering. This is especially helpful if your computer’s hardware has certain limitations. The options represent the pixel density of the renderer compared to “screen space”. Modern retina screens have a 2:1 or higher pixel density. Native renders in your screen’s native pixel density for maximal visual quality. The other options reduce the density from this amount for more performance

Reset View

Reset the texture view if you have rotated or panned the texture out of view or otherwise want to reset the visual field.


The keyboard and mouse shortcuts tell you how to move the 3D object

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