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Generate Textures in Seconds with AI

Create unlimited high-resolution, fully-custom, commercially-licensed textures with just a text prompt.

3D rendering of several disks with various textures such as wood, marble, and brick
Single Text Prompt

Generate fully original, customizable design assets with a single text prompt.

Color Matching

Our AI can align to a palette of up to 8 colors, for that perfect look.

UHD Resolution

Stunning 4K HD resolution, ready to use for any project.

Game Development

3D Modeling


Interior Design

2D & 3D Design, Limited Only By Your Imagination
Instantly Usable

Download, drag and drop our textures directly into your favorite tools.

Fully Seamless

Upscale swatches into HD textures that don’t repeat. Perfectly tileable every time.

Commercial Licensing

Generate unlimited fully commercially licensed assets, with a single subscription.

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Powering the Next Generation of Design
Built with proprietary AI technology, Poly enables designers to generate fully original creative assets, reducing their design cycle to hours instead of days. Don’t see what you want? Get in touch instead.
More Asset Types

From icons to illustrations and more, generate everything you need with Poly.


Plug in to all your favorite tools.

Asset Library

Save your assets across projects and import your existing libraries to centralize everything.

Style Matching

Our AI will style match existing assets for maximum consistency


Generate, share, review, and edit with your team.

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