Upgrading to Poly Infinity

Poly Infinity is a premium monthly plan to enable 4K & 8K HD resolutions, additional materials types, and additional PBR maps generated with Poly’s generative AI. It also unlocks 32-bit PBR maps in EXR format and royalty-free license rights for commercial applicaitons.

Poly Infinity ∞ is our premium monthly subscription that unlocks more powerful features, including:

  1. 4K and 8K HD texture generations (from 1K or 2K).
  2. Additional material types for better PBR map quality, including Fabric, Diverse, Dramatic, and Polished.
  3. Generating additional PBR maps, including Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, and Metalness.
  4. Download PBR maps in 32-bit EXR format.
  5. Poly’s royalty-free license rights to use your textures in commercial applications.

Benefits Comparison

See below for a quick comparison between Poly Free and Infinity ∞ plans:

Poly Free PlanPoly Infinity ∞
AI Texture GenerationUnlimitedUnlimited
Resolution1K and 2K4K and 8K
Supported Materials Types for Better PBR QualityGeneral, Organic, Matte, ShinyGeneral, Organic, Matte, Shiny, Fabric, Diverse, Dramatic, Polished
PBR MapsColor (Albedo), Normal, Height (Displacement)Color (Albedo), Normal, Height (Displacement), Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metalness
Visibility of Your GenerationsVisible to public and become a part of our gallery for other creators’ referencePrivate to you
LicenseFree for personal use onlyFree for both personal and commercial use


You should be able to upgrade your plan either by clicking the ‘Upgrade to ∞’ button in the top right corner of the UI or by going to your account and clicking on the subscription.

Managing your subscription

You can cancel at any time by navigating to your subscription under your user account. Clicking on the subscription sidebar link should take you to Stripe, where you can change your payment method, cancel, or view how many days left you have. Note that canceling will not prorate your monthly payment (your plan will automatically expire at the end of the payment period).