Creating Your First Texture

Learn how to create your first texture with Poly’s generative AI in seconds in a step-by-step tutorial: quickly iterate through various generated texture ideas, select and make it seamlessly tile-able with AI, upscale to 8K HD, and generate 32-bit PBR maps for 3D rendering.

Let’s walk through an example of a step-by-step process to create your first texture. We will generate a Rock texture for a cliff rendering scene using Make Patches.

Step 1: Patches

To get started, please navigate to Make Patches.

Enter a text prompt following our best practices and hit enter. Example: “layered rock cliff, charcoal pitch dark black, weathered oceanside condition”

In a couple of seconds, you will see 4 high quality patches to choose from. Feel free to iterate as many times as you’d like until you see the one you like.

Poly AI texture generation - make patches

Confirm the selection of the pattern you like.

Poly AI texture generation - confirm patches

Step 2: Seamless

Right now, you have a low resolution 512 by 512 texture patch. if you’d like to make this texture seamless, please navigate to Make Seamless tool bar.

Poly AI texture generation - convert texture to seamless menu

Click enter and then you will have a fully tile-able texture patch.

Poly AI texture generation - seamless texture

Step 3: Upscale

If you need to upscale the current 512 by 512 patch, please navigate to Upscale Texture and hit enter.

Poly AI texture generation - upscale patches menu

In less than 10 seconds, the upscaling process will complete and your texture is now 8K HD.

📌 Poly supports 1K, 2K, 4K, or 8K resolutions. Please note that generating 4K and 8K HD textures requires an active Poly Inifinity subscirption.

Poly AI texture generation - HD textures

Step 4: PBR Maps

The last step is to add PBR maps to your texture. Navigate to Generate PBR Maps to get started.

Before generation, you have to select a material type. Experiment with different options to get the best result. For this rock, we selected “Dramatic” as an example.

Poly AI texture generation - genernate pbr maps menu

All the PBR maps will be added to your view once complete.

Poly AI texture generation - generate pbr maps

You can also view your seamless texture in a sphere.

Poly AI texture generation - texture pbr maps

Or change the Render and View Options on the top right corner for better preview before downloading them in either 8-bit JPG or 32-bit EXR format.

Poly AI texture generation full view with HD seamless texture and pbr maps