Upload Image

Poly’s Upload Image tool allows users to convert their existing images into HD tile-able textures with 32-bit PBR maps. Simple upload an image to use as the color map to get started.

Used for converting your existing images into HD tile-able textures with PBR maps, you can upload an image to use as the color map.


Upload Image

Upload an image by clicking or dragging into our upload window. Your image is automatically cropped into a square, so crop the image on your own if you wand a specific region to be used. The image is also downscaled to 2K/1K/512px (based on the image's intrinsic resolution). We support PNG, JPEG, and EXR (float 32 format) files currently. Please contact us if a specific file format you require is not listed.

Image is Seamless

Indicate if your image is already seamless. This option tells the system that your image is seamless so that you can view the texture in the map views as a seamless texture. This will also adjust the generation settings for other aspects of the system so that the edges are rendered correctly in other modes such as upscaling.

📌 “Image is Seamless” does not convert your image to a seamless texture! If you want to convert an image to a seamless texture you must use the Make Seamless tool.

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