Quick Generate

With a simple text prompt, Poly’s Quick Generate tool creates an 8K HD texture with all physical-based render maps that are optimized for different material types in a single shot. Best used for previewing and demoing Poly’s generative AI.

Used for combining all individual steps and previewing the final result, Quick Generate creates an 8K HD texture with all physical-based render maps (Color, Normal, Displacement, AO, Roughness, and Metalness) that are optimized for different material types in a single shot.

📌 Please note that 4K & 8K resolutions, certain material types, and PBR maps require Poly Infinity to access.

To use Quick Generate:

  1. Enter a detailed and descriptive prompt, with each phrase separated by a comma.
  2. Then, select the resolution of the texture output.
  3. Lastly, Generate PBR Maps by selecting a material type.



Please make sure your prompt is as complete, descriptive and detailed as possible, with each phrase separated by a comma.

Some good examples below:

  • “layered rock cliff, charcoal pitch dark black, weathered oceanside condition”
  • “autumn maple leaves climber, dense coverage across stone wall, vibrant and high definition”
  • “polished flower pattern ceramic tiles, mosaic pattern, symmetrical, close up and highly detailed”
  • “rocky forest floor, old roots stretched across the ground, scattered pebbles and debris, rendered in unreal engine”

Here are some additional resources for best practices on prompt-writing.


You have to specify the resolution of the texture you want to generate. We support 1K, 2K, 4K and 8K HD resolutions.

Material Type

To generate the highest quality PBR maps, we require you select from the following material categories to help our AI craft the best outputs.


A balanced PBR generation that works for any materials that don’t fall under any of the following categories.


PBR generation for organic materials in nature, with considerable displacement

Best for: bark, dirt, concrete, asphalt, gravel, ground, debris, etc.


PBR generation for flat and matte surfaces

Best for: clay, cardboard, tiles, roof, plank, rubber, paper, etc.


PBR generation for smooth and shiny surfaces

Best for: ceramic, metal, parquet, plastic, tiles, etc.


PBR generation for all kinds of fabric, textiles and soft surfaces

Best for: carpet, wool, leather, fur, cloth, rug, etc.


PBR generation for uneven surfaces with various displacement scales

Best for: climber, historical, lava, sand, jungle, etc.


PBR generation for heightened displacement and more drastic depth

Best for: Cliff, cobblestone, rock, brick, bark, pebbles, etc.


PBR generation for polished surfaces, with visible gloss and sheen

Best for: marble, tiles, porcelain, crystal, wooden planks, etc.

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