Make Seamless

Poly’s Make Seamless function is an AI-drive seam removal tool for color maps to make your textures tile-able. It automatically converts texture into a seamless version, while offering greater control over the tiling process.

AI-drive seam removal for color maps to make your textures tile-able.


Patch Scale

Automatically makes the texture seamless, while offering you greater control over the surface area of your texture. Adjust where you want the seam to start tiling by adjusting the patch scale slider

A lower patch scale means more variations and new components will be introduced to your tileable texture. If you feel your initial patch is too “zoomed in”, you can select a lower scale value (e.g. 60%) to expand the surface area.

A higher patch scale means more of your original patch will be used for creating the tileable texture. If the scale is over 100%, only the selected area from your original patch will be in the final version. If you feel your initial patch is too “zoomed out”, you can select a higher scale value (e.g. 125%) to minimize the surface area.

Reference this guide "How to Efficiently Scale Your Patches" for more tips.

Prompt (Optional)

Keep your original prompt or, optionally, update your prompt by appending to it. The updated prompt may help improve the conversion process. For self-uploaded color maps, entering a prompt can be a very crucial step towards creating high-quality seamless edges.

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