Make Patches

Poly’s Make Patches tool can generate 4 high-quality textures in a couple of seconds. Poly’s generative AI understands both text and image prompts and is best used for texture generations, quick iterations, exploring new ideas, and create variations.

Used for fast iterations and quickly exploring many ideas, Make Patches generates 4 variations of textures at a lower resolution (512 by 512) for any prompt.

Please also reference "How to Select Winning Patches" guide to learn best practices and tips.


Enter Prompt

Simply input a prompt to start exploring!

Same as the prompt under Quick Generate, please enter a detailed and descriptive prompt, with each phrase separated by a comma.

Some good examples below:

  • “layered rock cliff, charcoal pitch dark black, weathered oceanside condition”
  • “autumn maple leaves climber, dense coverage across stone wall, vibrant and high definition”
  • “polished flower pattern ceramic tiles, mosaic pattern, symmetrical, close up and highly detailed”
  • “rocky forest floor, old roots stretched across the ground, scattered pebbles and debris, rendered in unreal engine”

Additional resources on best practices for writing a prompt.

Seed Image (Optional)

Seed Image is a unique feature of Poly that allows users to upload an image as a part of the prompt to guide our AI.

It’s particularly helpful if you don’t know how to describe a texture in text or already have an image as a good reference. Commonly used by our users (especially game designers and interior designers) to generate variations of their existing textures to customize to their needs or find new ideas.

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