Render Map

Poly’s Render Map allows creators to view their current AI-generated textures in a 3D rendering with different PBR maps, viewing, and lighting/HDRI options.

Select Render Map to view your AI-generated patch or your uploaded picture prompt. The render map can be viewed in different options including our Seamless Canvas mode, which you can adjust from the Map Options in the Status Bar in the top right corner.

The Render Map is not a "PBR" map, but is specific to Poly. Our AI approximates the final rendered look of your texture and this is the image you see in the render map panel. Note that simply using the render map for actual 3D modeling is discouraged, as the texture will not look realistic across different lighting conditions.

The Render Map will change as you upscale your current patch or make it seamless.

A Render Map is different from a Color Map as our color maps are adjusted to remove shadow and light information by AI.

Poly AI Texture Generation Render Map View