Prompts View

Poly’s prompt view is the easiest way to view AI texture generation history with the corresponding prompts. It also allows creators to rapidly create variations of their textures and explore different options and iterations with AI in seconds.

Poly AI Texture Generation Prompt View 1

Prompts view shows you your low-res patch generation history with the corresponding prompt on top of it.

📌 The prompt view will be blank when you haven’t generated any patches

What is a "patch"?

Since generating a full, HD texture can take a long time, we found it useful to first explore different looks and styles in a speedy, interactive user interface. The prompts view lets you do just that. The outputs of your prompts are "patches", or small 512px by 512px images that represent an initial visual representation of the texture. Note that these images are AI-generated "renders" of what the final texture could look like in context. This is why we alternatively call these patches the "render map", which is not technically a real PBR map.

Using the Prompts View

When you are iterating through different texture patches and ideas with our Make Patches tool, you can always come back to this view to examine your past generations and re-select a previous low-res texture patch if needed. These generations won’t be removed no matter what you do in the maps.

Even when you generated an HD texture with PBR maps through our Quick Generate tool, you can view the 4 patches that were generated in that one-shot process.

If you want to review your previously upscaled HD textures, you would have to navigate to Version History in Side Menu to access them. Prompt View only displays low-res patches with their prompts.

Create Variations

If you like a single patch in this view and want to explore more options in this style’s direction, you can click Create Variations to quickly generate more patches / variation. Our system will automatically add the selected pattern as a Seed Image in the prompt and you can simply hit Generate Patches again to create these variations.

Poly AI Texture Generation Prompt View 2

Some of our users including game designers and interior designers find this feature particularly helpful as it greatly reduces the time to create certain photorealistic materials (construction materials, marbles, wood, etc.) and fantasy / sci-fi materials.

Poly AI Texture Generation Prompt View 3