Can I use Poly from a tablet such as an iPad?

Q: Can I use Poly from a tablet such as an iPad? A: Yes, you absolutely can! Using a touch-screen can help with designing textures from the convenience of a portable device.

You can absolutely use Poly from a tablet such as an iPad. Poly is not supported on mobile phones such as the iPhone due to the small screen size and low processing power. However, Poly works great on a tablet device. You can not only generate textures but you can also browse from our vast gallery and view anything in our interactive 3D renderer. In fact, you can even use native touch controls such as pinch-to-zoom and drag to rotate.

On iPadOS Safari, there is one thing you must do in order to see the correct display, otherwise the view will be cut off. You must go to the top address bar and click on the 'Aa' icon, which shows a dropdown menu. In that dropdown menu, tap 'Hide Toolbar', which is required since iPadOS does not know when to hide the toolbar in its default browsing mode.

Poly AI Texture Generation Editor on iPad